It is time to finally get what you deserve!


Don't you think it's time to finally get what you deserve? Accepting who you are is the first step. Developing yourself to become a bigger, better, faster, and stronger version (yes, I'm referring to the Daft Punk song) is the next. It is time to get what you deserve; imagine and develop your way into a new life.

"Expand the self image and you expand the 'area' of the possible."

The self image

Your self image is You. You have been shaped by your past experiences, your values, the people you meet, your education and everything you've experienced so far. It all shaped your self image. By developing your self image you create new possibilities, new talents and basically a new life. You can develop your self image in different ways. If you choose not to develop your self image, this will stay the same which doesn't have to be a bad thing. But it's only when you develop your self image you create new capabilities, new talents, and turn failure into succes.

Imagining is the way

Imagining your future is the way to get to your dream life. That isn't actually very hard to do. Pick an image (this can be a roll model or a certain lifestyle you want to live), take that image and print the image in your head every day. Picture yourself in the position you want to be in. Repeat, repeat, repeat and work towards this dream and fulfill this desire to get your dream life. You'll see that the life that you deserve isn't that far away.

Positive thinking in sync with the self image

Positive thinking is the most forward way to image a future. "Just be positive and only good things will come your way." However positive thinking should always be in sync with the self image otherwise this positive life you are waiting for will never come. You can't be expect to receive the life that you dream of, only by positive thinking and not doing anything else to achieve to that goal. How can your positive thinking be in line with your self image? There are several ways to make this happen. In my next blog I wil tell you how.

The 21-day rule

I live by the 21-day rule. What is this rule? Studies has shown that if you want to change a habit you have to repeat the action every day for at least 21 days, before it feels natural. It doesn't matter if it's living in a new house or changing a diet. It is not after these 21 days that you can pass a judgment. Developing yourself and changing whatever it is in your life, only works when you hold on and do it for at least 21 days to get used to doing it. It is only after the 21 days it will feel natural. Even when it gets tough old on and don't stop!

So, do you think it is time to finally get what you deserve? Start developing your self image. You can create new possibilities and change your life to get the life that you deserve.