I choose me


It's officially summertime and I feel spring all around. It's time for beautiful flowers, sunbeams, fresh colors and new energy in your life.Change your life and choose you starting today. Because you deserve to be happy!

Stop neglecting yourself

The neglect... the feeling sneaks up on you. You no longer see yourself as a priority. You put someone else's needs before yours. You even think for that person. If you are kinder to other individuals than you are to yourself, you should really check to see if you're not doing yourself short. It's about doing things for others you're not completely happy about. Instead of saying 'no', you say 'yes'. You hide your true feelings by not saying what you're really feeling. You're putting yourself last. Stop doing this!

Don't forget what matters to you

The story starts beautiful: You are an equal in your relationship of friendship (don't forget about relationships with colleagues or workout buddies for example). Before you know it you're trying to please the other by avoiding confrontation. Maybe because you're afraid you'll lose this significant other. And often (especially in the beginning), you do not even realize you're doing it. So you settle in an argument or discussion, and you let it go. But every time you settle without telling your point of view, you lose the real 'you'. Don't forget what matters to you and what is important to you. Cause as long as you don't speak up. Nobody will know.

Find your voice

Getting used to the adaptive behavior can lead you into leading another life. A life that is not yours and isn't you. It's the life of someone else. You'll get used to doing things their way instead of your own way. And that's how you'll lose your own voice. Find your voice again! This could be in any kind of relationship. Choose you and confront your confrontations. Stand up for things that are important to you. Make your own choices and follow your heart. Find your voice and scream as loud al you can so everyone has to hear you!

Stand up for yourself

Because you can do it! Allow yourself 'more'... More Love, more Happiness, more Peace of mind, more Harmony, more Joy, more Freedom and most of all more Respect! You will see that a new world will open up for you.