Be Stressfree!


Even though it's still cold outside I'm looking forward to spring. I want to start spring feeling the best ever, so i'm prepping myself for spring by becoming stressfree.  

We often deal with stressful situations. A busy job, school, the kids and other obligations can make us feel overwhelmed sometimes. Finding a balance between it all is the solution. This is what really helped me out! Try out the tips I've got listed up for you. 

Tip 1 Take a time out!

Taking a time out sounds very simple. But it's harder than it seems. Getting interupted while closing your eyes for a sec. Your phone ringing every 5 seconds. Take a break! Spend some time in the spa or a sauna. Watch a movie or go racing. Anything that makes you feels like you're enjoying yourself. Just take that time out for yourself and go that extra mile to make it happen! 'Cause a couple of hours a week of YOU TIME is what your body needs.

Tip 2 Laugh it out!

Laugh all day every day!! Laughing is super healthy! Laughing puts many muscles in motion: up to 15 facial muscles. This gives you a relaxed feeling. Laughing makes endorphins into the brains. These endorphins gives you a nice feeling, they have a pain reducing effect and reduces stress, depression, anxiety and insomnia. Believe it or not but one laughter session of 20 minutes has the exact same effect as a step- or jog session. The relaxation in the muscles and the release of endorphins provide a pleasant feeling. So start smiling!

Tip 3 Listen to your favorite Music!

Turn on your favorite music and listen to it. Music takes my mind of things. Listen to the tunes and lyrics and feel comfort, support and power. Just close your eyes and let thos tones clear your head. And ones it's clear, you sing a long really loud!

Tip 4 Learn how to say NO!

Dare to say no more often! Hard? You're not the only one. Start practicing on little things and you'll see that the guilt or what ever it is what is keeping you from saying no will fade away. Saying no will become the easiest thing to do and you'll feel like you're getting that peace of control of your life back. So therefore, say No! And you will see that it will set you free.

Tip 5 Learn to Meditate

Meditation is a form of spiritual practice. Meditating is an experience of deep state of relaxation, contentment and awareness. If you practice this everyday your everyday worries will disappear. Your mind become clear and focused. Being in the moment, that is the essence of meditation! Through the practice of meditation, you can learn to return to that wonderful rest and relaxing point. There are many ways to meditate. Find out what works for you and try it. In the beginning I was really sceptic about it. But I had nothing to lose. I felt so restless and nothing seemed to work. Now I feel balanced, calm and focus I guess, it's weird. And my family and friends has noticed it to.

Try these forms of de-stressing out! IT HELPS! Stay Balanced and in control!