A little note about happiness


What is true happiness? How do you know you are truly happy and fulfilled. And when you feel that you are not, how do you achieve that state of mind? Inspirational writer James Allen has his theories about the matter.

Being happy is living selfless

To always be happy, to always have good thoughts, and to be friendly in every circumstances is what most people want in life. Yet circumstances makes it very hard to always be happy or to always have happy thoughts. A happy soul warms the world with their love. 

The bad things you have to deal with in life has to do with your environment. You need these bad experiences to evolve in life. Going through these bad experiences teaches you how to grow.

Rules to live by

According to James Allen pure happines is the legitemate and healthy state of the soul. You can have that by living pure and selfless. Live according to the following simple rules and find happiness in your life:

Have a good heart to all that lives. 

Let unfriendlyness and greed die. Your life will fly like air.

Be intensely happy

It's very important to create that happy state of mind. Believe in your abilities and be determined in what you want. You'll see that even you will find true happiness. Feeling agitated, depressed, anxiety, complaining, condemning people and so one... these are all signs of a bad mental condition. Changing your thinking and behavior is necessary. There so much pain in the world as is. Change your mindset and be happy!

Transform yourself and find intense happiness. If you'll see that in yourself you will see it around you.

Be happy!